SmartSlat - unique and easy to install two part steel slatting & louver system use our steel slats for fencing, gates, slatting panels, sunrooms, louvres and many more applications.
Manufactured by Gramline. Stockists Australia wide.

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Below you will find the answers to the questions we are most commonly asked about SmartSlat and its uses.

Where can we buy pre-assembled products (ie.Gates) direct from SmartSlat?

- Please refer to your nearest SmartSlat distributor who will be able to assist you further with your enquiry.

What do I use to cut the slats?

- Any Cold Cut method can be used. Note: you should always use the correct safety equipment and have the appropriate training before using any power tools.

How far apart should my uprights or supports be?

- We recommend a maximum span of 1200mm but suggest you look at your application to determine the most appropriate method. Refer installation guide for further detail.

Can I attach SmartSlat to wooden posts?

- Yes, you can attach your SmartSlat to any type of material.

What type of fasteners should I use?

- Class 3, 10 - 16 x 16 SDS tek screws are recommended for both wood and steel when fixing directly to the posts.

What is SmartSlat made of?

- SmartSlat is made from certified Pre-painted, Zinc-Aluminium alloy coated steel.

What is the longest length available?

- 2.4 metres is recommended. Available up to 3.6 metres.


the smart alternative to timber!

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